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Security Related Experience

In addition to the qualifications in the brochure pages and the engineering and operations projects (please visit the Web site and check out the newsletters), I have also worked on a lot of security-related projects:

At Port Newark (New Jersey Marine Terminals):

  • Emergency Traffic Signal Control (ETSC) - Evacuation System tied to the traffic signal system - $150K;

  • Emergency Evacuation Notification System (EENS) - $1.2 mil.;

  • Traffic Signal System Upgrades wireless comm.; video detection; UPS; etc. - $1.0 mil.

At the Lincoln Tunnel and the Port Authority Bus Terminal, I worked on standaway spacing (for protection against explosive devices) and also bus friendly gates and fences (designed to accommodate oversize vehicles in tight geometry areas).

At the George Washington Bridge, I spent three years developing the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) with a variety of sensors, communications links, artificial intelligence, and changeable message signs. $20 million.

For the U. S. Navy / Marine Corps, I designed a classified security facility for which I received a letter of appreciation. It became the standard definitive design for that type of facility.

For the National Security Agency (NSA), I worked on the civil side of a variety of communications security projects. [I didn't used to be able to mention their name, but they've lightened up some and even included my name on one of their Unit Web sites!]


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